Luckless Clothing is a brand developed by two brothers, Matthew and Joshua.

Luckless is a small independent clothing brand located in Western, New York; more specifically Wellsville, New York. We specialize in unique country-esque apparel and accessories.

We started designing and building Luckless Clothing out of our grandmothers basement in December of 2010. As of July 1st, 2013, we finally made the move from Grandma’s basement to our first storefront/production space in nearby Wellsville, New York.

We believe in the rural American dream. Instead of selling out and moving to a big city to “try and make it” we decided to stay loyal to our grassroots community and do everything from where we grew up. This isn’t about making a billion dollars and forgetting about those we grew to love. It’s about family. About living the simple life of bonfires, friends, beers on the weekends, getting dirty, jumping on the ATV’s and having a blast. Its the 3am pond parties with your friends. The long drives down old back roads. It’s always remembering that you are who you are because that’s who you want to be. Being Luckless is about never forgetting where you came from, or those who helped you along the way. Life can throw you a hundred curve balls, but if you keep your head up and love having a good time, you don’t care about all the bad. You only care about the good. And all of us here believe that the simple life is pretty damn good.

We believe that you’re not just buying some shirt or accessory. You’re purchasing a little piece of yourself, a little piece of us, and believing in something bigger than clothing; an ideal. A motto, a way of life. Each one of us is just a little bit Luckless.

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