The dream of “a simple life of bonfires, friends, and drinks on the weekends. It’s about jumping in your truck and having a good time. It’s the 3am pond parties with your friends. The long drives down old dirt roads with the windows wide open. We believe that you should never forget where you came from. You’re not just buying something. You’re buying back a little piece of yourself, and a belief in something bigger than clothing.  AN IDEAL. A MOTTO. YOUR WAY OF LIFE

Luckless was developed with these ideals in mind. Instead of your typical camouflage and mute colors, brothers Matthew and Joshua Morris set out to create something radical. Intense neon colors, wild designs, fantastic fits, and customer service second to none. You might ask yourself “Why so different?” Well, country music is being revitalized, and we thought to ourselves, why not country apparel? With such power houses as Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and countless others coming to the stage with their new take on country, we wanted to create something that could match their new invigoration. That’s how Luckless was born. Born on the ideals of family, friends, and fun; we strive to create the new trend in country apparel. With only a small savings and their grandmothers’ basement to work from, they set out on long laboring nights designing every garment from wax paper and an airbrush gun. Nights turned into days, and days into weeks. After what seemed like an eternity of selling tee shirts out of the bed of our trucks and participating in local festivals, we saved up enough to buy our first screen press. Four years later, we now have our new 10,000 square foot showroom and production facility in Olean, New York where we continue to print every shirt by hand. Almost 18,000 Storenvy.com orders, 35,000+ happy customers and 700,000 Facebook likes later, we continue just as hard as we did that first day to create apparel that captures the imaginations of the country minded.  Our determination to grow in the hearts of our fans have led us to over 1.28 million followers across all of our social media platforms. Luckless uses only premium combed cotton and polyester from around the world by the leading clothing manufacturers in the business. Nearly all of our products are developed here in the United States. We’re proud to be American, and we hope you are too.

Since the inception of Luckless, Joshua and Matthew live, breath, and nurture every aspect of of the brand. We believe that each and everyone of us shares a common bond. Each and everyone of us are already Luckless. No matter what your ethnicity, age, gender, or location, we’ve all been beaten up by life more than our fair share. Luckless is our revolution against the shortcomings that life hands out. Armed with integrity, value, and hard work, we all can rise up from the dust and take on another day. That’s our stance against the clothing industry. We’re unhappy with the quality, design, and services we’ve seen, and this is our fight to deliver diamond quality in an industry full of carbon copies. With only a hand-few of employees, an undying desire to create a brand which resonates with our customers, and a passion for life; we can promise our customers that we’ll do everything possible to make you proud to be Luckless.

“So what’s the next step for Luckless?” Well, we want to start creating our own quality garments from scratch. This means creating every aspect of our clothing from concept to completion here in the U.S.A. Luckless exclusive cuts, designs, material selections and products never seen to the market place. We want our products to be as unique and fun as our customers who wear them. It is this passion that sets us apart from our competition.

Why Luckless? The answer is clear. Integrity, value, dedication, and determination to be true to our roots. Luckless is backwoods born and country raised. Instead of selling out and moving to the big city or overseas for production, we wanted to fight hard for our dream and create something here in the heart of our ‘country’. We just don’t create Luckless, we are Luckless. Our anthem is the hum of mud tires on an old dirt road. Our creed written by the scars in our boots. As true as the arrows that fly in November, and as dedicated as our fans to their friends and families. Becoming Luckless is more than just buying an article of clothing. You’re buying back a piece of yourself, buying into a piece of us, and in a belief in something bigger than us all. Maybe then, we all can be just a little bit Luckless.

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