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5 Adorable (And Affordable) Mason Jar Winter Decor Ideas

5 Adorable (And Affordable) Mason Jar Winter Decor Ideas

Is it just us, or does sweet tea always taste better in a mason jar? There’s something about the smooth and sleek design that just feels right on a front porch, around a bonfire, or in the hands of a good friend who just stops by to say hey. But mason jars aren’t just for sweet tea, y’all. Mason jars have evolved from a vessel for sweet tea to a staple in home decor, wedding centerpieces, kitchen accents, and even Christmas decorations. As we enter the holiday season, check out these adorable and affordable ways to use mason jars as part of your winter decor:

Mason Jar Christmas Tree Stand 

Whether you’re the type who has had their tree up since November 1st or you prefer to wait closer to the holidays, a Christmas tree in your home or office is one of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re tight on space or want to winterize your desk space or dorm room, make a mini Christmas tree stand using a simple mason jar. Pick up an itty bitty Christmas tree at your local Christmas tree stand and place it in an oversized mason jar. Paint the jar white and wrap some flannel around it (we know you’ve got some flannel laying around somewhere!) Decorate the tree with little string lights or tinsel and viola! A simple way to add some country to you Christmas. 

Image From Weekend Crafts

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Have you ever noticed how a mason jar lid is a perfect size for practically all crafts? 

Need a DIY coaster? Mason jar lid. 

How about a candle holder? Mason jar lid. 

If you’re feeling crafty and want to add a personal and creative touch to your Christmas tree, unscrew the cap to a few mason jars and transform them into adorable Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree. With some glue, glitter, twine, and a few Christmas trinkets, you can create a unique, handmade ornament to your tree this year. 

Image From Sugar Bee Crafts

Wintertime Cocktail Kits

If you’re looking for a fail-proof way to warm up this winter, we’ve got two words for you: Fireball. Actually, we’ve got two more: Jack Daniels. A simple mason jar can easily be transformed into a boozy cocktail kit by adding a few simple ingredients. Put teeny bottles of Jack Daniels and FireBall into a regular size mason jar. Tie a candy cane or cinnamon stick on the outside with festive string, and include an apple cider packet inside. Decorate the outside of the jar however your little holiday heart desires, and then present this wintertime cocktail to your whiskey lovin’ friends. They can pour the shots and the apple cider pack right into the mason jar, stir with the cinnamon stick and enjoy. You’ll instantly be the life of the party! 

Image From

Mason Jar Christmas Votive

We’ve all got that friend who has a cricut machine and is OBSESSED with putting cute lil’ logos and her monogram all over everything. But not all of us have been blessed with a fancy vinyl cutting machine, so we’ve got to find other ways to make stuff look cute. Enter a few mason jars, some paint, a candle, and a Christmas tree stencil. Channel your inner artist and paint the mason jars a Christmas-y color, while painting around the Christmas tree stencil. When the paint dries, you’ll have a red or green jar with a clear outline of a Christmas tree looking into the mason jar. Put a handful of Epsom salts in the bottom. (If you don’t have Epsom salts lying around, ask your fancy friend with the cricut machine. She probably has some.) Place a small tea light candle on top of the salts and light the candle. There you have it! A holiday-themed candle votive in a mason jar. You’re welcome. 

Image From

Mason Jar Accessory Station

While this last idea isn’t exactly a winter-themed mason jar craft, it was just too cute for us to leave out. Mason jars can be an excellent option for keeping your vanity area, bedroom, or bathroom areas organized. Take a few regular size mason jars, some chalkboard paint and some colorful chalk and you’re on your way to creating a cute and organized accessory station for your bathroom. Paint a small square on the front of your mason jar with chalkboard paint. Let it dry, then use colorful chalk to write directly on the paint. One mason jar could be for hair accessories, while the next one could be for your dangling belly button rings (we love the Rough Rider one!) and the next jar could be for your handcuff earrings (wait, doesn’t everyone have a set of handcuff earrings?) The chalkboard paint makes it easy to wipe off the label and add something new. Your bathroom’s about to get a whole lot more country with this adorable mason jar organization hack. 

Luckless Has Something For Everyone On Your Holiday List! 

If mason jars aren’t a staple part of your home decor, are you really even country? If you’re looking for more great gift ideas for the holidays, check out some of these other country-inspired gift ideas!

-Diana Eastman

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