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5 Filthy Dirty First Date Ideas

5 Filthy Dirty First Date Ideas

Dating these days is no joke y'all. You've got to weed through the stalkers and the broke mama's boys, block the creepy ones from sliding into your DMs, skip the ones that are already married, and find one that's hot, has a job, and has a big….


It's not easy to find 'em, let alone keep 'em, right?

First dates can be awkward. There's the small talk and the weird silences. There's the secret texts to your friends to call you and make up an excuse to get you out of there. To avoid all of that, check out some dirty first date ideas that can help you get to know the guy and have fun while you're at it.

These are all first date ideas you can do with your clothes on. Unless y'all found each other on Tinder, then chances are you're looking for a whole other list of "dirty first date ideas."  

Take 'Em Mudding

A mudding date is a perfect way to get to know a lot about your potential Mr. Right. First of all, has he been mudding before? If not, is he up to try it? Mudding allows you to see what he looks like straddling the ATV, which can be hot enough. Then, as the day continues, you can see how he reacts to speed, adventure, and getting dirty. If he holds his own, he may be a keeper. The best part about mudding on a first date: if things go well you guys can go home and hose each other off. The rest is up to you….

Go Hiking

Hiking can be a great way to spend quality time together without the distractions of other people, social media, or smart devices. Planning a hiking trip allows you to spend time in nature, get a good workout in, and explore the outdoors. Hikes are personal and can be a way for you to show your guy trails and outdoor spaces that are important to you. It's free, which is always a plus, and it allows you to shape the date as it progresses. If things are going well, you can follow the longest trail and spend more time together. If things are awkward or weird, you can always turn back and end the date. It gives you the flexibility and freedom to make the day as casual or as romantic as you want it. And if things are going well, there are a lot of secluded places off the beaten path. We're not saying, we're just saying….

Go Fishing 

If your date is from the country, he'll probably be blown away if you suggest a fishing date. He'll probably be even more impressed if you've got your own pole and tackle box. Show up in this shirt, some short shorts, and some boots, and your guy won't be able to focus on the fish. Fishing gives you quality time to talk to each other while showing him that you're not afraid to get a little fish guts on your hands. If he's from the country and is looking for a girl who's willing to get dirty, fishing is the way to do it. As a bonus, if you catch something good, you can throw it on the grill when you get home and enjoy dinner together.

Go Camping

Camping on a first date may seem a little forward, but we're not saying you actually have to spend the night together. Setting up a tent, roasting marshmallows, and looking at the stars from the bed of your truck can be a romantic and country-inspired date idea. Maybe you save getting snuggled up in the tent for the third or fourth date? Either way, working together to set things up and enjoying the outdoors is a great way to get to know each other and spend time in nature. A camping date allows you to see his chivalry skills in action. Does he help you set up a tent? Does he offer you the first s'more? You can tell a lot about a guy on a camping trip. 

Visit The Rodeo 

There's literally nothing more country than a rodeo. You've got cowboys, boots, tight jeans, and farm animals all over the place. There's country music, and good food and the atmosphere is casual and fun. If the rodeo is in town, it could be a fun place for a first date. Not only does it give you an excuse to dress up like the sexy, sassy, cowgirl that you are, but it provides a lot to see and do, so there's never a dull moment.

If you're looking for a guy that gets excited about barrel racing, tie-down roping and steer roping, take him to a rodeo and see what happens. 

It's almost 2020 y'all, and it's perfectly fine for girls to step up and plan the first date. While you may be more traditional and prefer for the guy to plan everything, sometimes stepping up and taking control of the situation can be empowering. And really hot. If you've been thinking about asking that guy out for a while, this is your sign to do it. Tell him you've got something really dirty in mind and then try out one of these fun first date venues.

Need the perfect date outfit? Check out these adorable shirts that are perfect for a first date. They're cute, country, and show off what you got without giving it all away. You gotta keep him guessing, right? ;) 

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