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Grannies Who Give ZERO Fu%$

No matter what you call her, Nannie, Maw Maw, or Granny, they are the women in our lives who teach us the ways of the world and usually give the best advice. They are the keeper of secrets and have a few stories to tell.

And if your Granny is anything like mine, she has mastered the art of smoking a cigarette over a cast-iron skillet while frying chicking and NEVER dropping a single ash. 

While I can’t imagine ever growing old, I just hope that I am still kickin’ ass in my 80’s, such as these badass women who left their give a damn at door, and are living their best life. 

 Here for the Party

That's Bitch with a capital “B”

Puke and Rally

Tag your bestie if this is in your foreseeable future

Family Game Night 

I can only imagine the choices made while wearing these.

 Ain’t Going Down ‘til the Sun Comes Up

You’re not really good and drunk if one eye is still open.

 Dolla Bills, Ya’ll

I better start saving for retirement. Magic moments await.


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