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Country Girl has lost 120 lbs by eating meat!

Country Girl has lost 120 lbs by eating meat!

Hey everyone it’s me Mckynna again or as some call me.. The Carnivore Mermaid! lol So after my first post on Luckless about me loosing 100+lbs went viral... I wanted to do another and talk more about it. We got a lot of comments on what exactly is the carnivore diet? Well I’m here to explain it! Carnivore diet is pretty much what it sounds like... MEAT.  High protein and very very low carbs! The nice thing about meat is that it is 0 carbs. Bet you didn’t know that. So on the carnivore diet you eat meat and protein throughout the day... so for breakfast you can have some eggs and some bacon or sausage. Lunch maybe some turkey wrapped in cheese. Dinner steak, chicken, pork, roast the possibility is really endless!


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Do you know there are some amazing things that happen when you change your diet to protein? Acne is mostly non existent! Your also going to burn fat faster and build muscle faster! You also get full faster and and stay full longer! When I first started carnivore diet it was actually really easy because I was having bacon and steak all day it was a diet I could get behind!! I honestly suggest this diet. So far it feels good having lost 120lbs in 7 months. It has been the most amazing time of my life! If you have more questions or would be interested in meal plans please email me at I will do my best to help you achieve your goals!!! Make sure to follow my journey on instagram. @Amermaidwaist

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