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Country Girl loses 110 lbs using the Carnivore Diet!

Country Girl loses 110 lbs using the Carnivore Diet!

Hello everyone my name is McKynna I’m a 25 year old single mother to an amazing son Kaisyn. June 2018 I noticed my son drawing himself as a stick figure and his dad as a stick figure... but was drawing me as a huge circle so I decided to change my life.  I went to a nutritionist who suggested carnivore diet. I followed the diet completely no cheats nothing first month 25lbs gone. Then I really stuck to it and 5 months later I lost 110lbs! I started at 240 and I’m at 130 now! My goal was for my son to notice and draw me like everyone else... well I crushed it!! Because I’m the smallest stick now besides him! I feel amazing, my heart rate has lowered, my blood pressure is perfect and I feel like 500lbs has been lifted off me! I went from a 3x to a medium shirt and a size 18 in pants to an 8 now! I was just so happy that I decided that this was my future to help people get to where they wanna be! If you're 500lbs or 200 no matter the point your at you can change and get healthy! You can follow my journey here on the Luckless Blog! 

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