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Hot Yoga and Cold Beer | That’s Right Ya’ll, Beer-Yoga is a Real Thing.

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Hot Yoga and Cold Beer | That’s Right Ya’ll, Beer-Yoga is a Real Thing.

Yep, you read that right. As many of us have already tried and failed at incorporating more exercise in our daily routine as part of our New Year’s resolutions, some genius women in Germany decided to put their two favorite things together-beer and yoga. What started out in a night club as a way to attract more clients, has now been become a phenomenon popping up in breweries and tasting rooms across the country. 

The Origins of Beer Yoga states on its website that Beer Yoga is the “marriage of two great loves: beer and yoga.” In an interview with the BBC, the founders of the studio are firm believers that “beer and yoga complement each other and make for an energizing experience. ”

The Marriage of Beer and Yoga

While beer can pack on the pounds, it does have health benefits. For years now doctors have touted the health benefits of beer. Drinking two bottles a day can promote strong bones and even prevent blood clots. Beer works as a dilator for the arteries, opening your pipes up and allows for better blood flow, therefore reducing the risk of a heart attack and cardiovascular disease (That’s why some folks crave a cigarette when drinking because the nicotine constricts the arteries. Fun science fact for the day). 

Anyway, to some the idea of drinking beer WHILE working out seems counterproductive, but this isn’t the first time that beer and exercise have been combined though. Some research shows that beer is the ultimate marathon recovery drink. But this is something I will never experience because I don’t plan on running any marathons anytime soon- or like ever. 

Where Can I  Find Beer-Yoga

In Atlanta, there are activities such as a “Bend and Beer” yoga class that give you a beer on the house after the class. In Farmingdale, New York, Beer Fit Club offers a blend of beer and workout classes. The Penn Brewery in Pittsburg offers a one-hour yoga session, then incorporates the beer in the final poses. (Something like balancing the bottle on top of your head) OMG!!!

To find out more about beer yoga, check your local Facebook listings. 


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