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The baby of the family - Luke was nine years younger than his sister Kelly and six years behind his brother Chris.

His father earned a good living as a fertilizer salesman.

At 17, he'd formed a band that played a beer joint in town called Skinners. The band was called Neyami Road.

By November 1996, he had an apartment picked out in Nashville. But just five days before he was to leave, his brother Chris was killed in a car accident at age 26.

He attended Georgia Southern University, where he joined a fraternity, earned a degree in business and met a freshman named Caroline... Now his wife.

Above you can hear Luke's voice as he records some summer fun! His voice and laugh are the best!

During May of 2007, three months before Bryan's debut was released, his sister Kelly, a teacher in Leesburg, collapsed suddenly and died. She was 39. Bryan and his wife, Caroline, stepped in to help raise nephew Til and nieces Kris and Jordan alongside their own two boys, Bo, 7, and Tate, 5.

He owns a 169-acre piece of farmland property south of Nashville. The main house - a five-bedroom, 10,000-sq.-ft. structure - is still under construction (the family will stay in the 1,400-sq.-ft. guest house until it's complete)

His Wife Caroline says: "Girls have gone crazy for him since college, so now it's kind of the norm," says Caroline, who married Luke in 2006. "He's a beautiful man and girls are going to see that, and that's just how it is. It's honestly never bothered me."
Would it bother you??

Luke has his wifes initials tattoos on his booty.

His favorite food is Popcorn.

In second grade, he was hit by a car!

Before big events he still has anxiety and gets panic attacks.

In Leesburg Georgia, his name is on the welcome sign.

He can moonwalk, and he does it pretty well!

Luke is a co-owner (along with the likes of former baseball player Adam Laroche and "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson) of Buck Commander, a deer-hunting merchandise brand.

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Luke's fan club, The Nut House, is named that because his father was a peanut farmer and Bryan grew up on a peanut farm.


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