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     We’ve all heard it in songs, many, many songs. Growing up in a small town has its pros and it has its cons, anyone who has ever grown up in a small town can tell you that everyone knows EVERYONE’S business. But is that always such a bad thing? We often think that “everyone knowing your business” is a bad thing; we want to keep our lives mostly private, especially in the instances of relationships…But I like to think that word travelling fast in a small town has its advantages.


     In small towns, especially mine, it’s also like having little spies everywhere… JUST . IN . CASE….When your significant other is saying they are one place doing one thing, while you hear from reliable sources that they are another place doing another thing. It may not be anything bad but what if it is? For example, a recent experience of mine proves how valuable this can be. My boy friend at the time (now ex) was supposed to pick me up from the barn (I barrel race horses). My boyfriend texts me when he is leaving his place which is an hour drive from my barn. A half hour later he texts me again saying he had accidentally passed my exit on the highway and was too far gone for it to make sense for him to turn back around to get me. Sure I was mad but okay fine, and man oh man he must have been flyin’ to make THAT good of time. Oh well, I carry on about taking care of my horse. Not a minute passes by and my friend who is a police officer text’s me “Tell your boyfriend he owes you dinner, I just saw him driving without his seat-belt on and he didn’t get pulled over for your sake”. This got even more interesting when I asked the cop when and where he saw my boyfriend, which turned out that he had been seen just five minutes prior to that not far from his home. “Hmmmm” I thought…my boyfriend is clearly lying to me… but why? So I smugly text my boyfriend asking him to put his seat-belt on as my cop friend just saw him in BLANKtown. You can guess what happened next, my phone starts ringing off the hook. I let it go to voicemail three times before answering. His reasoning for lying was of course DUMB. We won’t get into that, but what I did do after that was promptly thank my officer friend. This could really have been anyone or any situation. Have you ever caught your boyfriend/girlfriend in a lie thanks to the many eyes of your small town? I would bet that yes is the answer to that.


     The next dynamic of the small town, which I see SO MUCH of in my town of 5,200 people is watching what happens when a new-comer arrives in town. Whether it is a new kid in class, a new business in town, or just someone new starts hanging out at the local waterin’ hole. It’s quite the spectacle, and we small-towner’s revert to our primal state. Some run right over and start sniffing their butt, metaphorically speaking. What I mean by that is, they run right up and start getting up in their business, seeing what they’re all about, interrogating them to a point. Others start throwing their poop, so to speak. They start bashing the new person, judging the book by the cover, or by the “Cole’s Notes” of what they have heard so far. And my favorite group, the group I prefer to be a part of, the group that sits back, sips our beer and watches this all unfold before our very eyes.


     This is just the tip of the iceberg into the small-town dynamics.
More to come! I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Written By:

Kerri Lee Griffin

Ontario, Canada


  • TL

    Greaat job! Keep it coming girl!

  • Joan Lefaivre

    Small town mentality at it’s finest! Pros and cons to living in a small town definitely.
    Keep writing, love your blog!

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