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Meet Professor McConaughey! WHAT?!

Meet Professor McConaughey! WHAT?!

Matthew McConaughey will be back at the Moody College of Communication - UT Austin this fall to teach a filmmaking class! Can you say the greatest teacher of all time! Female enrollment must be skyrocketing for this... that waiting list must be insane!  "Today's class is gonna be a doozy"

Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images
                                                Photo Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey couldn't find his lecture hall. He was told to take a left, but he just went alright, alright, alright. 

Here is his grading scale:
- a lot cooler if you did
- you there
o you got a joint?
ailure to Launch

All jokes aside, this is just plain awesome!
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