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Just because you can't get home to have Thanksgiving with your family this year (or you don't want to,  #nojudgement) doesn't mean you have to miss out on the good food, traditions, and that beloved after-turkey nap on the couch. Get some friends together and throw a Friendsgiving Feast that everyone will be talking about for weeks. Here are five tips for a successful Friendsgiving Feast: Delegate Remember those years when your parents were so stressed on Thanksgiving and barked at you to go outside and play until dinner was ready? It was probably because they had very little help...

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With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re getting ready to spend a lot of time at Walmart. A lot. And as if Walmart’s holiday pajamas, affordable wrapping paper, and massive toy section aren’t enough to make us love the superstore, now they’ve got a holiday-inspired treat that will have you running, not walking, to your neighborhood Wally World. We’re about to rock your world with four simple words: Sugar Cookie Flavored Popcorn. Yep. Walmart wins Christmas by offering the perfect snack for your Hallmark Christmas movie marathons. And while sugar cookie flavored popcorn is not a new concept, Walmart’s version is...

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Country music newbie Jimmie Allen may be learning how to handle life on the road and his newfound fame, but he’s about to step into a whole new adventure: having a daughter. Jimmie announced on Instagram that his son Aadyn was getting promoted to big brother, and that there was a little girl on the way.  Jimmie’s debut single, Best Shot, is a smooth love song that’ll hit ya right in the feels. And then when you watch the video and imagine him singing it to his new baby girl? Cue the waterworks, y’all. In his video, Jimmie is surrounded...

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So you are about to embark on an exciting journey. What is that journey? Dating a Country Girl. There is a lot to know about our lifestyle, and lets say the breed of a female. We are the best, obviously. We are a well-rounded group of Women with wholesome values, however there are a few things you should know about us.      First, what is a country girl you say? Well Straight from google itself-“ Country girls is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle. You can live in the Hamptons or Nashville Tennessee. Country Girls love the...

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