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Before you date a country girl...

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Before you date a country girl...

So you are about to embark on an exciting journey. What is that journey? Dating a Country Girl. There is a lot to know about our lifestyle, and lets say the breed of a female. We are the best, obviously. We are a well-rounded group of Women with wholesome values, however there are a few things you should know about us.

 Id rather be a redneck than a douchebag Nice truck sorry about your dick


First, what is a country girl you say? Well Straight from google itself-“ Country girls is a state of mind as well as a lifestyle. You can live in the Hamptons or Nashville Tennessee. Country Girls love the outdoors, are independent, down to earth, romantic, sensual and horseshoe tough. Country Girls are just as comfortable watching a sunset on the beach or horseback riding on the trail.” But we all know, we like to get down and dirty in the nitty gritty stuff and don’t take nothing from anyone.

Now to start it off..

  1. You are not only agreeing to date her, but you are agreeing to support and date her obsession!
  2. Don’t assume her choice of drink, she probably prefers beer or whiskey.
  3. Following up #2: She can handle her own, and we like to drink ;)
  4. Don’t coddle her; odds are she will and can do everything on her own.
  5. She will expect you to treat her right, so no funny business.
  6. She’s a badass, simple as that
  7. You better know how to shoot a gun and or bow. Chances are she is a better shot.
  8. She knows what she wants and has her priorities straight.
  9. If she has a horse… Be prepared for her to love that horse more than you, but don’t take any offense
  10. We like mud. Short and simple.
  11. Lots of attitude.
  12. And I’ll make this short.. If you have her, Do not let her go! I repeat Do Not Let her Go. Or else… well, she’ll be… the one that got away.
  1. Last but not least…We can and will be crazy if the situation calls for it.


Now, Go and Enjoy your new found Love! Because it is going to be a fun and exciting journey!


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