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Walmart Wins The Holidays With This New Dessert!

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Walmart Wins The Holidays With This New Dessert!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re getting ready to spend a lot of time at Walmart.

A lot.

And as if Walmart’s holiday pajamas, affordable wrapping paper, and massive toy section aren’t enough to make us love the superstore, now they’ve got a holiday-inspired treat that will have you running, not walking, to your neighborhood Wally World. We’re about to rock your world with four simple words:

Sugar Cookie Flavored Popcorn.

Yep. Walmart wins Christmas by offering the perfect snack for your Hallmark Christmas movie marathons. And while sugar cookie flavored popcorn is not a new concept, Walmart’s version is the poppable kind. This means you get the three-minute anticipation window as it pops in the microwave, the glorious smell of cookies AND popcorn wafting through the kitchen, and the warm bowl of goodness sitting directly in your lap. 

And since Walmart’s holiday-inspired popcorn is only $2 for six bags, you can shovel cookie flavored popcorn into your mouth without breaking the bank.

We’re also not against bringing this Santa-approved snack to holiday parties, or bringing it into your office and letting Karen in accounting believe you came up with the idea yourself. It’s the perfect holiday treat for popcorn lovers. 

Have you tried Walmart’s sugar cookie flavored popcorn?


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