You might black out just reading this... – Luckless Outfitters
You might black out just reading this...

You might black out just reading this...

Just in time! Now you can tolerate your family this Thanksgiving. Should have named it Black-Out Cherry

Image By Four Loko

When Four Loko came out in 2005, it combined the two most vital ingredients to fuel college students: alcohol and caffeine. But when the news came out that it’s not safe to add alcohol to caffeine (what a buzzkill) Four Lokos changed up their recipe and eliminated the caffeine factor in 2010. The fact that it was no longer considered an “alcoholic energy drink” may have decreased the appeal of the drink for a short time, but Four Lokos is still a staple on boats, at house parties, and tucked under the bed of college dorms all across the country. And now, Four Loko fans can rejoice again because the company has just released a hard seltzer: and it’s black cherry, y’all.

The Four Lokos website lists the newest member of the Innovation series, black cherry hard seltzer, as having 12% alcohol value. And, according to the website, it’s the hardest seltzer in the universe. That’s pretty damn serious. We’re not sure if black cherry is going to blow people’s minds and are a little concerned that the marketing team didn’t reach out to Luckless for our opinion (Watermelon. Obviously.), but it seems like they know what they’re doing. 

There was an overwhelming response to the introduction of hard seltzer to the Four Lokos line, and they were initially going to release the new drink in the spring or summer. But For Lokos lovers were so excited about the new drink that they pushed it to early November- just in time to shotgun one before Thanksgiving dinner and having to listen to Uncle Merl talk about his theories about aliens. Again.

Are y’all excited about the hard seltzer? We think it’s going to be a family function game-changer, but we’re going to be honest and say we’re not jumping up and down about black cherry. What do you think? 

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