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AB Hard Licker

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We like word play, if you couldn't tell by now.  We also like to drink, which you probably know well by now too.  Why not combine the two and create something fun and unique!  "Hard Licker" by Luckless Outfitters can be taken in a number of ways.  Of course, the dirty minds out there have their interpretation.  The ones who overcome troubles and "Take a lickin' and keep on tickin' will have theirs.  We approve of both of these messages, but also want to add; "Have we told you that we love booze?"   Yeah, whiskey and us go way back, and we think that it does with you too.  So take a chance, have some fun and humility and pick up this tank for a great conversation starter this summer.  We're all about making statements, and we think you are too!

Product Name:  Hard Licker
Color:  Black
Material:  100% Cotton
Available Sizes:  Small - 2XL
Fit:  Women's Traditional
Country of Origin:  United States
Print:  White full front print with custom neck tag