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AB Your Truck Ain't Big Enough (YTABE)

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"Your Truck Ain't Big Enough" by Luckless Outfitters.  
There is no such thing as "big enough" when it comes to how high you can ride.  6" lift?  Pfft.  Double digit lifts or bust.  If you have a truck, it's meant for purpose.  Denali/Limited/Lariat?  Take a hike.  A truck is a truck, and by all means, treat it like one!  If you want pretty, go get yourself a coupe.  If you want fun, good times, mud, exhilaration and memories; get yourself a truck!  A real truck!  So put those posers in their place, and tell those little lifters they're full of it!  This shirt is the best way to start!  Oh by the way, this shirt is PERFECT for mud bogs, truck pulls, and off-road EVERYTHING.  Trust us! :)

Product Name:  Your Truck Ain't Big Enough
Color:  Pink
Material:  100% Cotton
Available Sizes:  Small - 2XL
Fit:  Women's Traditional
Country of Origin:  United States
Print: Black and White full back print, front lower left black and white logo print and a custom neck tag.