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If you just got dumped, let's be clear about a few things: He's stupid It's his loss You're gonna be ok. Breakups are hard. They mess with your self-confidence and take you on a rollercoaster of emotions that lasts for days, weeks, and even months. So how do you get through it? How do you navigate a broken heart? You burn all of his stuff, you date one of his friends, and then you put this epic breakup playlist on repeat until you don't care about his sorry ass anymore. (We're halfway joking about burning his stuff. The other stuff?...

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Country music newbie Jimmie Allen may be learning how to handle life on the road and his newfound fame, but he’s about to step into a whole new adventure: having a daughter. Jimmie announced on Instagram that his son Aadyn was getting promoted to big brother, and that there was a little girl on the way.  Jimmie’s debut single, Best Shot, is a smooth love song that’ll hit ya right in the feels. And then when you watch the video and imagine him singing it to his new baby girl? Cue the waterworks, y’all. In his video, Jimmie is surrounded...

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Earlier this deer season in early bow season (like early October here in Ohio) My fiance and I stopped down at our neighbors after morning hunt one day, and was shocked when he found out that I hunted. He had told us that his wife doesn’t go with him or hunt at all. We both teased him asking if he has ever asked her to go with him and he surely has, she is just not the type that hunts! Which there is no problem with that? Everyone is different! I’m sure we have all seen the hunting shows where...

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