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Our Dreams Have Come True: There's A Beer Spa In Denver

Our Dreams Have Come True: There's A Beer Spa In Denver

If you love beer and you love relaxing at a spa, then you’re going to want to ask for a few extra days off in March and plan a three-day visit to Denver’s Beer Spa. Yes, you read that right. Denver’s on a roll when it comes to recreational activities, and it’s Beer Spa, is just another reason to visit the beautiful city.

The Beer Spa, located in Denver, Colorado, opens in March and will allow visitors to literally soak in a tub of their favorite booze. Believe it or not, beer is packed with vitamins that can be extremely therapeutic (is that why we feel so good when we drink it?)

The Beer Spa aims to end the stigma that a spa day is just for the girls and encourage guys to come in, soak in the beer tubs or spend a few hours in the hops and barley inspired sauna. The goal is to invite guys in for some relaxation and pampering that allows them to keep their man cards. The treatment spaces can be sectioned off for individual use, or the garage-door style separator can be rolled up to accommodate groups. There is a zero-gravity massage chair, a warm sauna, and refreshing shower space. You can even get facials with beer-infused creams that help reduce acne and exfoliates the skin and then head to the taproom to enjoy your favorite brew. 

And because we know you’re wondering, you don’t leave The Beer Spa smelling like you just bathed in beer. Even though you did. We’re not sure how they do it, but they do it. 

Combining beer with a spa experience is a brilliant idea, and we’re kinda mad we didn’t think of it. It’s a pairing that ranks right up there with peanut butter and jelly and Netflix and Chill.

Would you go to Denver and check out the Beer Spa?