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Sharp declines in Ethanol, used to make CO2, may lead to a shortage in carbonated drinks. 

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse. We have finally started to see toilet paper reappear on shelves. Now, a beer shortage could be possible in the near future as the supplies of carbon dioxide from ethanol plants are decreasing.

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When the only men you can be around are named Jim, Jack, and Evan, you know that’s when social distancing is really putting a damper on our social lives. The bars are closed. Spring Break is canceled. St. Patty’s Day came and went. In normal times, drinking alone was a sign of a problem, now we call it a solution. Every occasion calls for a great playlist we can all relate to, and the coronavirus is no different.

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All across the country grocery shelves are bare and not a roll of toilet paper in sight, but as Hank Williams Jr said, “A country boy can survive.” We know how to grow gardens and can our own food. We hunt and fish, and can even get by without toilet paper if we have too! 

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