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country life, snakes -

“Hell naw, to da naw naw naw!” A North Carolina man confuses what he thought was a garden hose turned out to be a big ole snake. Brian Walsh, at his Huntersville home, spotted what he thought was a garden hose in his yard as he got closer to it, he realized, once he was about a foot away from it, that it wasn’t a hose at all. It was alive! 

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cars, trucks -

According to a new study, 7 in 10 consider riding in a dirty car a turn-off. In a poll of 2000 drivers, half would consider bailing early if their date showed up in a dirty car. Whether it’s food wrappers, empty beer cans, or crumbs, a dirty car can impact your life and apparently your relationship status. 

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Beer, coronavirus -

Sharp declines in Ethanol, used to make CO2, may lead to a shortage in carbonated drinks. 

Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse. We have finally started to see toilet paper reappear on shelves. Now, a beer shortage could be possible in the near future as the supplies of carbon dioxide from ethanol plants are decreasing.

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Beer -

Local Pittburgh resident is fully stocked with 10 cases of beer as her note to the world went viral this past week. 93-year-old Veronesi claims that beer has vitamins in it and it's good for you, as long as you don't overdo it. When you are 93 years old, give a girl what she wants.

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coronacut, quarantine -

First, it was toilet paper and Clorox wipes. Now people who are in desperate need of hair cuts and coloring are taking matters into their own hands.  

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