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5 Things Every Mama-To-Be Needs When Expecting Baby #1

5 Things Every Mama-To-Be Needs When Expecting Baby #1

Any day now, we’ll be welcoming the newest member of the Luckless Clothing Family! In honor of our new addition, we put together a list of things every mama-to-be needs when expecting their first bundle of joy:

Zip Up Pajamas

Ask any experienced mama, and she’ll tell you the same thing: whoever invented those baby pajamas with 1500 buttons all the way up clearly didn’t have kids. Those things are a pain in the ass, especially when you’re sleep-deprived and trying to dress a wiggly baby in the middle of the night. Zip-up pajamas are your friend. 

Car Decals

You’ll never forget that first drive home from the hospital with your new itty bitty baby in the back. You will never be as aware or as careful on the road as you are for this ride. As time goes on, you’ll become a pro at shushing baby while fumbling in the back seat for a dropped bottle and changing the song to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, all while driving carefully to storytime at the library. But, since you can never be too careful with your precious cargo, a subtle decal for your car may remind other drivers not to cut you off or drive recklessly around you. Because if they do, mama bear comes out and it won’t be pretty.

A Durable Diaper Bag

You will live out of your diaper bag for the next two years, at least. It will be filled with diapers, extra clothes, snacks, wipes, toys, and be a black hole for crumbs and coffee receipts. You need a bag that has at least a million pockets, can be wiped clean, has a durable strap, and has that handy little pocket for wipes on the side. Your diaper bag becomes a part of your everyday ensemble, so make sure you pick one you love. 

A Cute Nursery

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a need-need, but it’s one of the most fun parts of planning for a new baby. There are so many different themes to choose from, and we salute all of you crafty moms out there that can take a few mason jars, some paint, twine, and an old barn door and create an adorable space for the new babe. For the not-so-crafty (or just too tired moms out there) throw a camo crib set on the crib, add a few wood accents hang a canoe paddle on the wall, and voila! You’ve got an adorable country-themed nursery.

Non-Judgemental Friends

Things change when you have a kid. You have far less time and energy to go out and do all of the things you used to do. You become that flaky friend that cancels all the time because kids always get sick when you make plans for yourself. Always. And you’ll forget to text people back because you’re too busy playing peek-a-boo or cleaning throw up out of your hair. You’ll slowly drift from some of your good friends, only because you’ll have less time and less in common. What you need are good, reliable, non-judgemental, no-drama friends that will just show up. Even to watch the kid while you shower. Or babysit.

Or let you vent.

Or sit through a slideshow of 324 pictures of your baby eating avocado for the first time.

Having a baby changes you, which is why it is so important to have friends that embrace this change, love your babe like their own, and show up without expectations. 

Having a baby is exciting, life-changing, terrifying, and oh-so-wonderful. You’ll never be fully prepared, but with zip-up jammies, a fun car detail, a durable diaper bag, cute nursery, and good friends, you’ll be close. Kind of. 

Are you expecting? Let us know your due date in the comments below! 


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Just had our first December 6th!

Kristie Bland

Hubby and I are a blended family…he has a boy and girl, I have 2 girls…and we are due August 2020 with “ours”, and it’s a Girl!!!


Just had my 1st on November 25


Baby up in this bitch? Do women have no respect for themselves?

Jennifer Boots

I’m expecting my first may 19!!!!


Just had my first baby in September! Just turned 3 months! Crazy how fast time goes! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Can’t wait to see the pictures! You guys should start doing infant clothes! Id love to dress my baby girl in some of your clothing! 😁💜


I’m expecting my first baby on January 16th! ♡