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A County Boy (And Girl) Can Survive: How Country Folks Are Prepared for the Coronavirus

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A County Boy (And Girl) Can Survive: How Country Folks Are Prepared for the Coronavirus

As we have all noticed, life has drastically changed over the past 10 days. From school closures to self-quarantining, we are living in times only seen in movies or read about in history books. All across the country grocery shelves are bare and not a roll of toilet paper in sight, but as Hank Williams, Jr said, “A country boy can survive.” 

Country Folks Grow Gardens

We ain't afraid to get a little dirt on our hands. Depending on what part of the country that you live in, planting season is upon us. Here in the South, my Granny always recommended April 1st for planting. For the past few weeks, I have already started tilling the ground, clearing out weeds, and prepping the soil with used coffee grounds and eggs shells. And because I did this exact same thing last year, I still have a deep freezer full of squash and zucchini. As long as the power doesn’t go out, we are in great shape. Any of it could be used as future currency to swap out eggs and meat with my neighbor down the road if it ever came to that.

Country Folks Can Their Own Food

Glass jars aren’t just for cute decorations. They have been essential in country homes for generations. Mason, Ball, and Kerr got Americans through 2 World Wars, and we will get through the Coronavirus with them as well. Even if you don’t can your own food, I am willing to bet that you know someone who does. 

Country Folks Don’t Need Toilet Paper

The disappearance of toilet paper is mind-blowing. That is the last thing real country folks about when grocery shopping. Why? Because country girls have been popping squats and drip drying on backroads out in the woods for centuries. It’s a survival skill and something that is in our DNA. Plus, it’s called a “washrag” (AKA “warsh rag” if you live in Kentucky and Tennesse). 

Country Folks Know How to Hunt

Camo just got a whole lot cooler with the onset of the Coronavirus. Hunters and fishermen everywhere have heard the call and stocked up on ammo. If for some reason the food trucks stop running, I’m not worried because those folks know how to skin a buck and run a trout line. 

The bottom line is no matter where you live, when times get tough, at the end of the day we are all Americans. We love our neighbors. We take care of our own and help those in need. Who knows what the future holds, but we will get through this together. 



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