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Dirty Love: Is Your Messy Ride a Turn Off? New Study Says Yes

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Dirty Love: Is Your Messy Ride a Turn Off? New Study Says Yes

According to a new study, 7 in 10 consider riding in a dirty car a turn-off. In a poll of 2000 drivers, half would consider bailing early if their date showed up in a dirty car. Whether it’s food wrappers, empty beer cans, or crumbs, a dirty car can impact your life and apparently your relationship status. 

Dirty Passenger Side Floor

The purpose of the survey conducted by One Poll and Meiguiar’s was to find out how men and women think about their dirty cars and discovered that almost half of those surveyed admitted to having a messy car.

Dirty Passenger Side Door

68% of people who have messy cars or trucks are ashamed to have people in the car with them. 

62% of people surveyed said they would rather have a dirty car than a dirty home. 

24% said they view cleaning their car as pointless because it is just going to get dirty again.

Dirty Back Seat

Because having such a messy car is such a turn-off, 23% have ended a relationship with someone because of how nasty their car was. 

45% polled said keeping a handle on the mess in their car is overwhelming.

Results revealed 41% don’t think it’s really important to keep their ride clean.

20% have no idea where to start when it comes to cleaning their car. 

A quarter of those surveyed said they would rather clean a toilet than have to clean their car.

When asked about the type of crap in their car, 30% said their cars are filled with crumbs while another 28% claimed the empty bottles in their car are taking up too much space. 

The study showed that there is a connection between how clean your car is compared to how productive a person is. 66% claimed they are more productive when their car is clean. 

3 in 5 respondents claimed their cars are filled with the stuff they need to pursue their passions. (Yes, that's it! I knew there was a reason why my car is so dirty. I'm pursuing my passions).

A spokesperson for Meiguiar’s stated, “We understand that people have a myriad of passions and sometimes it's those passions that can lend themselves to having a messy car. In fact, while some people may not normally be passionate about maintaining a clean car, if they are looking to feel more productive, have a healthier love life, or be happier overall, a nice cleaning could significantly benefit them in the long run.”  

Top 5 Dirtiest Parts of a Car

  1. Floor 41%
  2. Backseat 30%
  3. Cupholder 27.4%
  4. Dashboard 22%
  5. Trunk 22%

Top 5 Things in Cars

  1. Crumbs 30%
  2. Empty Bottles 28%
  3. Food Wrappers 25%
  4. Old Magazines 24%
  5. Blankets 23%  


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