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REDNECK HACKS that may actually WORK!

REDNECK HACKS that may actually WORK!

Hold my beer, and read this!

Look at this here fancy hot-dog griller thingy! Seems stupid at first.. then boom you're trying it in your back yard! Make sure you remove any coatings from the rake first or you're gonna have a bad weiner in your mouth.

Flip Flop Gun Holster, oh yeah!
It may look stupid at first, but... yes it looks stupid the second time too. However, is it stupid if it works???

Putting his University of Alabama degree to work with this rig!

Something I would have done as a kid... looks like they got a danged'ol IMAX right there in the trailer!

I think this one is actually a low budget life hack. Props to you sir.

CHEVY ROAD PAVER! Shit son, should have used a Ford! You won't get much road paved when that truck breaks down.

Richard Petty would have done the same thing! 

Check out my new system... wait for it... it's just a little fuzzy let me fix the antenna real quick.

Because... Safety.

Caution... slide may be bumpy. Also may render you not able to sit down.

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