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Summer Spiked With New Flavors

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Summer Spiked With New Flavors

Bring on the heat. White Claw is officially starting summer early this year with the release of two new flavors, Pineapple and Clementine. The two new tastes are updated versions of the hard seltzer. These flavors only have 70 calories, but 3.7% alcohol by volume, which is lighter than the original White Claw's 100 calories and 5% ABV drinks. 


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The new flavors contain zero grams of sugar and NO CARBS! Which makes them totally healthy, right? 

Fans across the internet are stoked about trying the new drinks, but the reduction in ABV is a little disappointing to some. 


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The new flavors come at a time when alcohol sales have surged with a 55% increase in March.

Plus, finding your favorite new flavors just got even easier. Check out White Claw's website's feature that lets you type in your address and the flavor you are looking for, then it tells you where it is available. And if you want to kick your drinking up a notch, try Food Network's White Claw Slushie Recipe. 





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