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Refund policy

Our return address:

c/o Returns
Luckless LLC.
9271 Bent Arrow Cove
Apopka, FL 32703
United States of America

If you received your package and it was damaged in transit, please email us at and we'll work on getting you replacement items as quickly as possible. Please do not call the USPS. We'll save you the trouble and talk to them for you and help resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

If you want to return your item(s) and have the cost of goods reinstated back into your account, please email us at We'll help guide you on the process of sending the items back to us with a USPS return label, contacting PayPal to redistribute the funds back to your account, and making sure everything works smoothly. We will only redistribute funds back into your account after we receive the product(s) in 'like-new' condition. (Please see below for our definition of the 'like-new' condition). If you file a formal complaint with PayPal before contacting us, or before hearing back from us after writing an email, or attempting to call, the funds that you used to purchase the garments will be put on hold by PayPal. What does this mean to you? It can take up to a few months before receiving your funds since PayPal puts the original transaction on hold until the case is resolved. If you wish to receive your original transaction amount in exchange for the goods you purchased, please work with us first. It benefits you by receiving your funds quicker, and it saves us time completing unnecessary paperwork.

If the package was sent to your provided destination after purchase, and the package was marked as delivered by the United States Postal Service, Luckless LLC. is not held responsible for the safety of your package. Once delivered, it is the responsibility of the purchaser (you) to receive the package in a reasonable time. Luckless LLC. is not liable for reimbursement of funds if the package is marked as delivered to your location, and the package is not present. If you wish to have special directions for delivery, they should be marked in the comment section during checkout. These special directions should be applicable to USPS shipping procedure and process. For example, if you require a signature to receive the package, please notate during checkout and Luckless LLC. will include that service with your order. If you ordered your product and that product was marked delivered by USPS, and upon retrieval, the product is not there, please contact your local USPS provider before contacting Luckless LLC. They may have your package in custody at the local USPS facility for pick-up.

If you ordered the wrong size(s), or the wrong color(s), you can return the item(s) to us for an exchange. In order to return the item(s), the item(s) must not be damaged in any way, shape, or form, or else we will not refund your money or exchange your product for another. The products must be in 'like-new' condition. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS AS OF 12/08/2022

'Like-New' Condition:
This means that you can not tamper with the items, the items can not be stained, ripped, have any tags, stickers, or other embellishments removed off of the product(s). The item(s) you purchased must be in 'like-new' condition, unless otherwise noted upon receiving the items in damaged condition.

You can not trade one product for another product. It must be the same item/design you've ordered, but only in an available different size, or an available different color.

For example; You can not trade in a tee-shirt for a sweatshirt, but you may trade in a green tee-shirt with the letter "A" on it for a blue tee-shirt with the same letter "A" design. You may also for example, trade in a size medium for a size large, of the same product. You may not trade in an item of lesser cost for an item of higher cost.

After you ship your item(s) and we receive it/them, the shipping and fulfillment process starts all over. It takes between three to five days to fulfill your order request and ship to your destination. What this means to you, the customer, is that after you ship your item(s) back to us, which typically takes 3-4 days, a 3-5 day restocking and fulfillment/packaging time, and an additional 3-4 days shipping time back to you, up to an additional two weeks have passed before you get your item(s) back to you.

All returns/exchanges must be made within thirty calendar (30) days of receiving the item(s). Luckless does not honor exchanges or returns of products that have been worn, washed, or not exchanged within (30) thirty days of receiving the item(s). You can not exchange or return items after (30) thirty business days. We will not receive any items that are sent back to us that are (30) days older than the date received via USPS tracking information. Luckless will not refund your purchase after (30) days of you receiving your product(s).

Intimate items are not returnable. Example: Swimwear, Underwear, Lingerie.

All returns are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee.