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Luke & Morgan making music together?

Luke & Morgan making music together?

When it comes to contemporary country music, few names resonate as strongly as Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. A collaborative project between the two chart-toppers could potentially set the country music landscape abuzz.

During a recent event to celebrate his new album release, hosted by iHeartCountry, Luke Combs shared that the two are actively exploring opportunities for a musical partnership. "We've exchanged texts about it, you know? Finding that ideal song is key, and we both agree it either needs to be a song we write together or an absolutely flawless existing track. If anyone has the right song in mind, we're all ears!"

The country music community is buzzing with anticipation at the thought of a Combs-Wallen collab, especially since this isn't the first hint Combs has dropped. While appearing on the Wayne D Show on Nashville's The Big 98, he conveyed that a duet was under consideration. "We've pondered it, but we've never come across a song that captures both our hearts. But I wouldn't rule it out. It would be amazing."

It's worth noting that Morgan Wallen was an opening act on Luke Combs' 2019 tour. At the tour's close, Combs even gifted Wallen an exceptional Gibson guitar. Despite their respective albums competing on the charts last month, there's no animosity between the two—only mutual respect.

In a recent feature on the Full Send podcast, Combs didn't hold back his admiration for Wallen. He candidly said, "It’s a toss-up between him and me for the top country music artist right now. And let me tell you, I have a lot of love for Morgan. He's an awesome guy."

Both artists have shown their appreciation for each other's work in the past. Combs performed a cover of Wallen’s early hit, 'The Way I Talk,' back in 2019. Wallen reciprocated by covering Combs’ popular song, 'She Got The Best Of Me,' from his 2018 album, This One's For You Too.

As we eagerly anticipate further updates on this exciting, potentially game-changing collaboration, fans are keeping both artists' latest albums in heavy rotation, hoping to manifest this dream project into reality.

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