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These 8 Reasons Prove Country Girls Do It Better

Girl mud tubing in a Luckless Outfitters tank top
for a meaningful relationship that isn’t just about sex. It can be hard to find someone who shares similar interests as you when you live in the city, but if you’re willing to venture away from the nightlife and explore the country side, you might just find your soulmate. If you’re currently searching for someone special, here are some reasons why country girls do it better and why you should consider putting on your boots and going out into the country.

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Image - Yellowstone Youtube -
The 5th season premiers in less than a month and they are really hyping up the show. Paramount has been teasing the show for months and released a teaser in August. The teaser didn't offer much context but it sure made it seem like things were going to go down this season in a big way! I cant wait.

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