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Why Men Drive Women Absolutely Crazy In Relationships

Why Men Drive Women Absolutely Crazy In Relationships

Does your Man do any of these? #13 seems to be pretty common these days! 

  • 1) Men avoid talking about emotions.
  • 2) They even sometimes get angry if you start talking about your emotions.
  • 3) They always forget something you told them no more than five minutes ago.
  • 4) They sometimes have stupid double standards.
  • 5) For instance, they’re allowed to check out a girl, but they get all jealous when you check out a guy.
  • 6) When they dare to blame your monthly flow to your moodiness.
  • 7) He can be incredibly indecisive about his own feelings.
  • 8) Sometimes he tries to portray his testosterone by becoming overly possessive or unnecessarily protective of you.
  • 9) He always says he’s going to do a million things for you, and instead does zero.
  • 10) When you’re trying to tell him something and you see that glaze go over his eyes and you just know he’s stopped listening.
  • 11) Men sometimes forget to be appreciative for the things you’ve done for them.
  • 12) Sometimes they can get too comfortable too soon, and then you have to endure their farting and burping before you thought you would.
  • 13) They’ll text you and then not respond for hours even though you texted right back.
  • 14) When they get annoyed that they have to visit your family.
  • 15) And the classic, leaving the ole’ toilet seat up. Driving women crazy since the toilet seat was invented.

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