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Real Country Girls VS Fake Country Girls

Real Country Girls VS Fake Country Girls

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REDNECK HACKS that may actually WORK!

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Ford Truck Parody- Luckless Outfitters



Obviously you gals did not watch the video.


Hey, I’ve got the pink camouflage sterling wheel cover and I listen to Luke Bryan…… just like I wear my boots (work boots) with shorts, bc I’m in Arizona where it reaches 115 and we still go work outside. It doesn’t matter what you wear, but how you act and where your heart is. I could wear that entire outfit and I still wouldn’t be a fake country girl (but I’ll keep my boots, not fan of high heels)
Don’t shame someone over what they decide to wear


I listen to Luke Bryan and yes I wear shorts but that’s because I’m in Florida we’re its 90° outside and to hot for pants. Its about the way you act and where your heart is


And because we all can’t fit into your size 1 & xs clothes…


I couldn’t agree more with you guys!!!


Hey I like litter. Luke bryan. Music


I like all luke bryan music.

Alyssa Carr

What makes a girl country ain’t just the clothes… it’s where and how she’s raised. From my point of view that’s how it ought to be… it ain’t the daisy dukes or whatever that makes her country. It’s simply how she’s raised up to be with or without the fear of God in her. :) from deep within her soul she has thoes southern roots deep down.. like me, I may not look country all the time but I’m country within my heart n soul and I’ve had people try to correct me and say “country people wear boots n stuff” yes I have boots… but that doesn’t prove I’m country..


I totally agree. You have to KNOW someone to know if they are country. I was born in the city but raised in Texas till I was 5 then moved to a small city in iowa. I was miserable there and escaped every chance I got. I didn’t always wear my boots my mama was to poor to buy me them after my daddy left when I was 5 I didn’t get boots till I was 14 and working. Yet because I grew up in city I have been told I’m not country. Lmao country isn’t what’s in your closet or where you grew up its in your personality and what’s in your heart.


What makes a person country is the way that they are raised (lifestyle which usually includes learning respect or getting the belt, hunting, fishing, getting dirty, working on vehicles, doing some type of farming, drinking beer & having fires/blowing stuff up) not what they wear.

Matthew Morris

Hey everyone! Let’s get some opinions on what you think makes a girl “Country” Post a comment with your answer!