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Tesla Changing the Future of Country Music?

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Tesla Changing the Future of Country Music?

By: Jessica Biggs

November 27th, 2019

According to Tesla’s recent press release, the Cybertruck, rolling out in 2021, is designed to have the utility of a truck and the performance of a sport’s car. Since it’s unveiling, USA Today reports that Tesla has already received over 200,000 pre-orders and been dubbed as “one of the most polarizing vehicles of the century.” So what does this mean for the future of trucks, and better yet, the future of country music? 


In a rendition released by Tesla, the company has plans to offer a “camper mode” option as seen in the picture, which has a tent and enough room to sleep 2, along with pop-up seating and a table. With this option, it could take impromptu tailgating and bonfires to a whole other level.


What is worrisome about this futuristic-looking truck though is that it lacks the aesthetics and features which are at the core of our most loved and favorite country songs. And it could possibly prevent future songs about trucks from ever being written.

Keep in mind the words used in country music. They are simple, smooth, and fit the vernacular of the culture. The word “cybertruck,” on the other hand, simply lacks the harmonious flow that the phrase “bored-out Ford” has in Shenandoah’s classic, “Cumberland Road.”

Trucks are the vehicle of choice for country songs for good reason. For some, a truck symbolizes a broken heart, especially for those who find out the hard way that they lost in love because it wasn’t their truck parked in her driveway. Like how Rhett Atkins found out in his song “That Ain’t My Truck.” 

And what girl doesn’t want to hear as she is getting in the truck, “climb on up, but honey watch the cup that I'm spitting my dip inside?” Just like Jake Owen says to his love interest in “8 Second Ride.” Words spoken of a true gentleman. (And we all know how that song ends) 

I too believe as Dierks Bently does, that everything thing we need to know about life and love, and all that really matters happens inside the cab of a truck. 

But equally important to the impact that this new Cybertruck will have on the country music industry, the next question to ask is, “ Where does the gun rack go?” 



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