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Learn Hillbilly Beatboxing: The Fine Art of Eefing

Learn Hillbilly Beatboxing: The Fine Art of Eefing

Wanting to make the most of your time in quarantine? Perhaps you want to learn a new hobby or skill. Maybe you want to learn how to cook? Youtube, the fountain of education, provides endless tutorials and “how-to videos” on just about ANYTHING. But as we all know, one-click in the wrong direction and you can be taken down a dark path leading to mind-blowing conspiracy theories and the scariest stories imaginable. Sometimes you get lucky though and click on a video that restores your faith in the universe and teaches you a skill where the uses for it are endless and guaranteed to make all of your musical dreams come true. 

What is Eefing?

Words are not enough when describing “eefing.” It is a cultural experience. According to NPR, the eccentric Southern tradition of "eephing" is best described as “the hillbilly equivalent of the hip-hop human "beatbox" vocal style -- a kind of hiccupping, rhythmic wheeze that started in rural Tennessee more than 100 years ago.”

It is often spelled "eefing," "eeephing" or "eeefing” and is they rhyming of vowel sounds. Similar to human beatboxers of the 1980s who could mimic drum machine sounds with their mouths, “eefing” began in the 1880s by imitating the sounds of hogs and turkeys. 

What You Will Learn

Brought to you by Banjo Ben Clark, instructor Jake Stogdill promises, “If you take the time to learn this musical technique, people will call you ‘The Dragon’ because it going to be like you are spitting fire everywhere.”

The course focuses on the correct pronunciation of sounds and provides accurate examples of the proper technique for “eefing.” Stogdill will also show you how to throw in some "sick beatz" with your eefing skill, allowing you to enhance bluegrass music and really bring out the raw emotion in you singing. 

When performed on stage, effing is usually accompanied by the hambone, but the hambone itself consists of slapping a hand to the chest and thigh for percussive effect.

Click on the video below for your free lesson and have your life transformed.  

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